Quick and easy ways to make covers for new foam cushions

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Are you thinking of starting a DIY project to make new cushions to replace your old sofa, couch, or chair cushions? You might already know that this process involves measuring your old cushions, cutting foam into dimensions that fit your furniture, and inserting it back into the old cushion cover. But what if you’d rather give your cushions a completely fresh new look? Why not try making a brand new cover for your new cushions?

First, you should decide which fabric you’d like to use for your cover. Different fabrics are best suited for different purposes. For example, cotton and linen are gentle to touch and don’t heat up easily, while canvas is strong and resistant to the elements. You’ll have to take into account where the cushion will be placed and what furniture piece it will be placed in.

If you’re not adept at sewing, you might prefer using no-sew methods such as safety pins to close your cushion cover. Diane Henkler of the blog In My Own Style compares the process to wrapping Christmas presents, as it involves wrapping the cushion cover fabric snugly around the cushion so that the ends meet, folding the edges over, and then pinning the edges together every few inches. Of course, you’ll want to flip the cushion over so you won’t be sitting on the side of the cushion with pins in it.

If you want an easier, but slightly less secure way to close up a cushion cover without sewing, you can also tie a knot out of the cushion cover’s ends after folding the edges of the cushion fabric into a triangular shape. You will still need to measure and cut the fabric to make it fit the cushion, and HGTV.com recommends cutting the fabric three times as wide and two times as high as the cushion’s form.

If you’re still in the starting stages of your DIY project and you haven’t even bought your new cushion’s filling yet, The Foam Factory provides foam cushions in many different shapes and sizes. Contact them today for more details about getting a custom shape for your new cushion project.

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