Spatial Awareness for the Novice Interior Designer

Summary: Spatial awareness can play an integral role in the interior design process.

One of the most important aspects of interior design is spatial awareness. While most homeowners may neglect this component, it can provide a variety of benefits. This guide is designed to showcase how taking space into account when designing your living space.

Remove Any Clutter

Keeping your room free of any clutter is the first thing that any homeowner should take into account. Remember, the more space that you have to work with in your room, the more versatility you’ll have when working with the room. Try and remove furniture pieces out of the room that you’re designing so you can get a clear idea of what you’re working with. This will help you with the planning and visualization process.

Keep it Simple

When you’re designing a room, you don’t want something too vibrant – unless that’s your preference. The noisier the room, the more provocative it comes off. Don’t forget to keep it simple when you’re in the beginning phases of decorating. Remember, nothing is set in stone in the beginning phases of your project. Objects will most likely be rotated on a consistent basis, so it’s important to keep an open mind and ensure that you don’t overcrowd the room too early.

Don’t Rush the Process

Another important concept of the design process is performing tasks at a reasonable pace. It’s not a race, and the sooner that you realize that, the more efficient you’ll become. Take your time, as it’ll help you create the room that was intended.

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