Living room decorating tips

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smallsmallstudioLiving rooms are important spaces as they usually are the first space a guest or a family member will spend their time. Here are some tips to help you decorate your living room and make the most of your space.

Be strategic – Look at choosing a neutral tone for items that are large like the sofa, chairs, and buffet. Add color by adding easy to change accessories like lampshades, pillows, and curtains.

Art – If you are unsure about color schemes, look at some of the artwork on your wall and mimic this color pallet.

Clinical look – White rooms will always seem larger but too much starkness will feel institutional. Instead enjoy a neutral color pallet by adding shades of gray that will achieve a balanced look.

Accessories – New throw pillows can change the look of your sofa and living room.

Go Bold – A bright, bold color can make a living room look and feel bigger. You could look at adding a bold print or a modern chair that adds color and changes the vibe of your space.

Arrange seats to create a warm, inviting space – L-shaped seating with an ottoman and a fireplace is all you need to create good conversation.

Use shelves – Look at painting a wall a bright shade and place an open shelf, to add a playful twist to your space.

Ditch the heavy curtains – Heavy curtains will block light, which is not necessary for a living room. Leave out the curtains and use sheer curtains to reduce harsh sunlight.

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