7 Tips for buying second-hand furniture

Furniture makes a room comfortable and inviting. However, buying the right furniture can be a decision that you should not take lightly. If your budget does not allow you to buy new furniture, here are some tips on buying second hand.

Try it out – When buying furniture secondhand, remember to sit on chairs, open and close drawers of cupboards and inspect the furniture for rot, scratches, and dents.

Trust your gut – Some secondhand furniture will have different odors from their past homes. Although some odors will air out, odors from furnishings will be difficult to remove.

Second-hand mattresses – It is not recommended to use secondhand mattresses as they may have harmful germs and bacteria.

Reupholstering – If you are not happy with the furnishings such as fabric and cushioning, factor in the cost of reupholstering and offer a lower price.

Pay attention to the support system of couches – A couch should have good inner mesh or springs with a strong frame for it to be of good use.

Hardwood furniture will last longer – Woods like oak and maple are strong and are well worth your money.

Metal furniture is a good idea – Metal is great in the form of beds, outdoor furniture or a dining table. This is because you can clearly see the base of the furniture and damage like rust can be easily removed with a repaint or a durable powder coat for outdoor furniture.

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