Patio furniture for small spaces

Just because you have a small patio doesn’t mean you can’t set it up and enjoy spending time outside like everyone else. With the right gear, you can relax outdoors, spend time with friends, and even BBQ. Here are some items to use for smaller patios:

Folding chairs and table

One option is to look at multi-piece dining sets that include a foldable table and multiple chairs. There are two advantages: the first is that you can stow it away easily when not in use, and the other is that it gives you multiple options for the same area.

Bar Cart

You can buy smaller bar carts meant for smaller spaces. The advantage? You can move it around anywhere quite easily and optimize the limited space. Also, you can use it as a storage unit for drinks and food when entertaining.

Wicker chairs

Proper wicker chairs require very little maintenance and are what you need to make your patio look amazing. When it comes to smaller spaces, the best option is to go with a sectional corner chair that will fit nicely in any nooks and crannies you have. Also, you can look at any other single pieces.

Folding table

Lastly, you can get only a single folding table to complement your other furniture. Much like the folding set, you can put this away. Another advantage is that you can also use this anywhere else when you need an additional surface.

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