4 Secrets only contractors know

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smallsmallstudioIf you are considering renovating your home, and are looking at getting some professional help from a contractor, here are a few questions you should consider before embarking on your project.

What mistakes should I avoid when choosing a contractor? – Avoid choosing a contractor solely on price, although this would mean that you stay within budget, you may receive a renovation that leaves you dissatisfied. Start your search and narrow it down to three contractors. Then check their references and inspect their work before making your final decision.

What happens if I receive varying bids? – Sometimes two contractors can offer you different quotes. Consider the quality of the contractor’s work, his/her experience and the materials that they are using before opting for the cheaper quote.

What is the best way to check a contractor’s reputability? – Word of mouth is the best way to assess your contractor’s Once you have narrowed your list, check the municipality website to check if the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured and doesn’t have any unsettled disputes.

What signs should I look for to ensure I have hired a good contractor? – You want a contractor who is reachable and one who responds to your queries on time. He/she should also take notes when you are discussing what work you want to be done. Your contractor should also come to you, if he/she needs to change materials, designs or if costs change for any reason.

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