6 tips to help you glam up your studio apartment

Studio apartments are affordable and can be a good investment for professional singles and couples who are moving out on their own. However, most studio apartments are small and therefore will require some clever ideas to make the most of your space.

Color scheme – Smaller spaces will benefit from lighter colors as they give the feeling of openness and space. Mixing contrasting colors like black and white or brown and beige can also push back walls and provide personal style to your apartment.

Storage – Good storage is important as the neater your tables and counters are the more spacious your apartment will look. Invest in multi-functional storage compartments to maximize space.

Lighting – Natural light, is your best bet to making your space appear larger. Invest in sheer curtains and mirrors to channel as much light in as possible.

One for all – Items that have multiple uses are a great addition to a studio apartment. Look at investing in work stations that can be stored away easily or a bed that folds into a couch.

Say no to clutter – Clean spaces will always look larger. Make sure you invest in the minimum furniture you need and always put things back in its place.

Doorways – To hang your coat and shoes, add coat hooks behind your door and a small shoe rack.

Kitchen counters – Keep your kitchen counters neat and never leave items on the counter top once you’ve finished cooking.

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