6 tips to organize a bathroom cupboard

bathroom counter shelf organizer

Bathroom vanities often store some necessities, including makeup, toiletries, medicine and more. Keeping a bathroom space tidy, can make mornings less stressful as you can easily locate items when in a hurry. Here are some simple steps to help you get your vanities organized.

Step 1: Purge – Throw away any item that you have not used in the last six months plus items that have expired. For example, bottles of shampoo, soap or lotions that have too little to save, expired makeup or makeup that you will never wear, rusty razors and things that don’t belong in the bathroom cupboard.

Step 2: Sort – As you look through your items, organize them into piles that will make your organizing process easier.

Step 3: Clean – Wipe down all the shelves and remove any dust.

Step 4: Make a plan – Decide if you prefer a clutter free bench top or due to the lack of space you wouldn’t mind some items left on the counter.

Step 5 – Organizers – You will need a few baskets and pull out trays to place your items. Get them in one solid color or color code your items if more than one person is using then space.

Step 6 – Organize – Place all your makeup, toiletries, medicines in different baskets or trays. If you have two shelves in your vanity, place items that you often use on the top shelf and items that you rarely use on the lower level.

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