7 Christmas decorating ideas for small space living

As Christmas is almost upon on, stores are brimming with items that will bring Christmas cheer to your home. However, smaller spaces may find that most festive décor is too large for their small abode. Here are some tips that will help smaller home owners enjoy the Christmas cheer.

Go miniature – Look at a smaller Christmas tree with smaller décor to take center stage in your living or dining room. You can also add mini wreaths and nativity scenes to create interest all around your home.

Put Christmas cards on the wall – To save space on mantle pieces, look at stringing your cards on your wall.

Hang decorations from ceilings and around doorways – Avoid placing festive décor on tables and countertops as this will reduce valuable space. Look at hanging items like lights, lanterns, pom poms from your walls and around your doorways.

Declutter – Getting rid of some unwanted stuff is a great way to make room for festive accents. Look at items that you hardly use during the year and donate them or give them to a friend who will make good use of it.

Tiered food stands – When entertaining tiered food stands are great to serve appetizers, finger food or desserts.

Festive furnishings – Look at buying festive linen for your bedrooms and living rooms to add festive cheer without losing space.

Transparent decorations – Transparent decorations are light and best for small spaces. Look at Christmas ornaments that can be hung or placed on shelves to add sophistication.

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