7 ways to fake a foyer

A foyer is the very first thing you or a guest will notice when entering your home. Therefore creating an inviting foyer creates the mood for your entire home. If you have a small or nonexistent entryway, here 7 clever design tricks on how to create one.

Graphics - If your entryway is small, stay clear of bold big accents and choose a patterned wallpaper instead.

Add hooks and a bench - making space for you to put on your shoes and hang your coat is a great way to complete the smallest foyer.

Decor - To make the space look larger, place mirrors either facing a light fixture or a window. This will make your space look twice as large.

A wall gallery - Placing photos and art on the wall will give your entryway personality. Remember to use different frames and textures to create interest.

Fancy storage - A place to keep your keys, spare change and the post is a good way to keep your entryway neat and tidy. Include storage that has space for an umbrella holder and shoes to make your home even more tidier.

Slim console - A narrow console is a great way to make a small foyer useful and tidy. Place a mirror or a painting above the console to create interest.

Build cubes - Create cubed storage that is skinny and organized. This is a great place to store scarves and items that are needed before you run out the door.


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