7 ways to make your room more functional

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Rooms can look untidy when things are not left in their designated place. To make the most of your room, use these space saving ideas below;

Maximize vertical space – Add tall bookshelves or hang hooks to make use of your wall space.

Keep traffic paths clear – Efficient layouts will leave you a clear path to commonly used zones.

Remove the clutter – Clutter can leave your spaces unusable. Make room for useful items by getting rid of excess paper, bills, and magazines. Take time out of your day to sort through your paper and file away important documents that might be needed later.

Add storage – Cleaning products and bathroom essentials are best stored in a bin under the sink. Use other storage options like closet size shelving to stow away clothing neatly.

Use a room for what it’s intended – If you have kids, keep their toys in their room or playroom and keep your living room or bedroom free from clutter.

Store items in the rooms in which they’re used – This will mean easy access to items and they will have a better chance of being put back in their Think of linen in the bedroom or in a linen cupboard, dish towels in the kitchen and detergent in the laundry room.

Double-duty furnishings – Furniture should be versatile, for example, your coffee table should have shelving underneath for magazines and books.

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