8 Investments to boost your home’s value

House construction renovation abstract background

Remodeling your home is an exciting experience, however, your remodeling project should increase the value of your home and not reduce your investment. Here are some remodeling projects that will boost your home’s value.

Front yard makeover – This could include paving stones and some colored planters. This makeover is easy and inexpensive while providing massive instant appeal.

Furnace/HVAC replacement – This is a good investment if you intend on living in your home for at least 5 years, before considering putting it up for sale. Apart from reducing your energy saving bills, you can also benefit from the added comfort.

Adding attic insulation – If your attic is not insulated, your warm comfortable air is being wasted. This is an easy DIY project that is inexpensive.

Brighten up – To brighten your space by adding some lighting that will provide a warm glow.

Update your plumbing – If your pipes are rusty and your considering an upgrade, this is a good investment. Don’t worry, re-piping is less of a nuisance and will only involve plastic piping running through your walls.

Engineered or real wood floors – Stay away from laminate flooring and opt for something sturdier like engineered or real wood They make your home look a whole lot more polished and expensive.

Remove the paneling – Remove your wood paneling and put in some drywall. If you must use wood, opt for reclaimed wood, installed horizontally.

Boost the bathroom – Install a few fixtures and re-grout the shower. If you want color install some bright wallpaper. For showers that have shower curtains, remove these for glass cubicles.


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