Decorating a small bedroom

smallsmallstudioSmall bedrooms when decorated correctly can have a lot of personality and appeal. Here are some simple tips to help you make your small bedroom a stylish and functional space.

  1. Do copy hotel style – Most high-end hotel rooms are small, and often guests hardly notice the rooms size because the rooms are decorated correctly. Make the most of your space by adding a padded headboard, comfortable plush throws, and multiple pillows to offer luxury at home.
  2. Two beds – Although your space may be small, adding two beds is still possible. Look at extra narrow beds in simple styles that take up less space.
  3. Add a feature wall – When all four walls are the same color, you will exaggerate the boxy feel of a small room. To create interest and a focal point, add a feature wall with luxe paper or textured paneling.
  4. Go dual-purpose – Furniture that is versatile is a good choice for a small room. For example, create a bookshelf attached to the bed, which will create interest and make the most of your space.
  5. Don’t under decorate – Instead of under decorating a small room, look at adding elements that you may find in a larger room but ensure that they are sized correctly for your space. For example, include pictures, rugs and decorative lighting.

Avoid closets with fussy handles and doors – Handles and wardrobe doors that open outward will take up a lot of space in a small room. Instead, look at sliding doors that are slim and have a glossy finish, to bounce light around the room.Save


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