Get your home ready for the new year

Getting your home ready for the new year after the holiday season is a great way to get you and your family into a routine. Here are some simple tips:

De-clutter as much as possible – Look at donating or selling items that you have not used for over six months.

Clean the floors – Cleaning your floors is an excellent way to instantly neaten your space and get ready for the new year.

Do the laundry – Not having clean clothes to wear to work and school can stress everyone out. Look at washing, drying and ironing your clothes so that you and your family are ready to take on the new year.

Clean the bathroom – Bathrooms can get very messy during the holiday season. Look at throwing away unnecessary products, cleaning the mirrors and washing out your shower.

Empty all trashcans – Most people’s trash cans will be full after the season. Careful separate your trash and get it ready for collection.

Clean out the refrigerator – The holiday season can leave your fridge full of leftovers that will never get eaten. Clear out your fridge and list out what you need for the weeks ahead.

Go grocery shopping – Once you’ve cleaned out your fridge look at visiting the grocery store with a list of items you will need for the following week. Batch cooking your food for the week is also a good idea as it will mean that your family will enjoy more home cooked meals and you will always have food on hand.

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