Ways to prepare your home for summer

Summer can be a busy month with lazy summer days and a lot of entertaining. If you want your home ready before summer, here are some simple ways to get your home summer ready.

Say goodbye to winter – Winter shades are darker and richer, while summer calls for brighter, lighter shades and accessories. Look at placing your winter fire logs, rugs, draperies, heaters, and thick blankets away and replace them with candles, freshly cut flowers and lightweight carpets and furnishings.

Make room for popsicles – Empty your freezer and get it ready for cold treats like popsicles, ice creams and loads of ice.

Get ready to party - Entertaining is part of summer, and you should get your serving platters, wine glasses and trays prepared for entertaining.

Freshen your airflow – Replace your air conditioner filters and clean out your fan blades to use them when the weather gets very hot.

Paint – A fresh coat of paint in a bright summery shade can invite the summer months. Look at painting your patio, deck or your front door in a bright blue, yellow or orange hue.

Invite summer – Clean your windows and window treatments with a washcloth and vinegar.

Stock up for summer – Stock up on summer essentials like sunblock, aloe, and insect repellant.

Spruce up your deck – Clean out your outdoor furniture with warm soapy water. If your cushions have not been stored properly, look at washing them and sun dry them outside. Add some pretty outdoor lighting to your deck like fairly lights and floor lanterns to create a comfortable outdoor space.


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