Clean your home with vinegar

Buying cleaning supplies at your local supermarket can be expensive. Plus most cleaning supplies contain chemicals that can cause asthma, sneezing and aggravate allergies. Here are some tips on how to use all natural vinegar in your daily cleaning routine.

Refrigerator – When cleaning your refrigerator, you should definitely skip the toxic chemicals, because you are storing cooked food. Mix water and vinegar in a 50-50 mix and wipe your surfaces clean. You can even store your bottle of the mix in the fridge.

Drain – Cleaning youar drain can be a messy task, but one that has to be done, to keep the odors at bay. Start off by pouring vinegar onto a brush and then adding some baking soda. Then scrub your drain to remove odors and build up.

Cutting boards – Cutting boards can often get stained by vegetable juices. To remove stains, spray vinegar and then rinse

Microwave – Your microwave can have a lot of builds up from food particles splattering as they are heated. Mix a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water. Microwave this mixture in a glass bowl for 2-3 minutes or until it boils. Then just wipe your microwave clean.

Stained plastic containers – Plastics can often absorb food particles over time. To remove stains, coat your plastics with vinegar and leave overnight. Wash thoroughly and your plastics should look as good as new.

Countertops – Clean countertops like wood and cement with white vinegar. Just spray onto your counter and wipe clean.

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