Trips to reduce years off your home

If you want to give your home a fresh lease of life, here are some simple tips that will take years off your home.

Tackle vertical clutter – If you have a lot of magnets on your fridge with pictures, menus, and kids artwork, look at filing some away and framing your kid’s artwork to hang in your home.

Patch and paint walls – Look at each of your walls and look at patching holes or cracks with putty.

Clean windows, mirrors, and shower doors – Washing your windows inside out will add natural light and create a welcoming home. Cleaning out your shower and toilet mirrors is an easy way to make your bathroom look a lot cleaner instantly.

Change the light bulbs – Good lighting is key to brightening up a space and adding a soft glow to your surroundings.

Check your mailbox – If your mailbox is peeling and tarnished, look at painting it with a fresh coat of paint or upgrade it with a new one.

Clean your trim molding – The baseboards and windowsills can accumulate a lot of mold and grim over the years.

Trim shrubs and bushes – Trimming back you’re overgrown shrubs and cutting dead leaves and flowers will instantly make your garden and surroundings look well maintained.

Welcome mat – If your welcome carpet is worn out and needs replacing, look replacing it with a durable rug made from quality materials.

Swap the switch plates – If your switch plates are discolored or worn out, it is best to clean them or replace them with a newer model.


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