Five painting secrets the pros won’t tell you

Professional painters always make painting a home easy, fast and efficient. But if you’re looking at painting your home yourself, here are some tips that will make your painting project a lot easier.

Sand away flaws – Your surfaces needs to be smooth to ensure you get a clean finish on your walls. Use fine grit paper with a sanding pole, to make your job easier.

Use tinted primer – You should fill holes and patch up any cracks with joint compound. To make sure your spots look the same as the rest of your walls, you should use gray primer or a color similar to your walls.

Press tape with a putty knife – To avoid your paint bleeding through, use tape to avoid any messes. Start with applying tape over the edges and then use a putty knife to press down and seal the tape.

Eliminate brush and lap marks – To avoid brush and lap marks, mix a paint extender into the paint. This will slow down the paint from drying quickly and help to level out paint so that brush strokes are eliminated.

Scrape a ridge in textured ceilings – It is hard to paint along the edges of a textured ceiling since it can be impossible to follow a straight line. You can simply run a screwdriver along the ceiling’s bumps and scrape off the texture. This will allow you to cut in without getting paint on the ceiling.


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